Wednesday, September 30, 2009

And then Sprout was TWO!!!

Blowing out his candles (Nature Girl and Darkmirror baked the cake)
Singing Happy Birthday...
He can say he's TWO but shows all his fingers...
Wild Thing was demanding the first piece because, well, Wild Thing is convinced ALL birthdays are his. As you can see the new mature big boy held his own and demanded right back.
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wild Thing Loves Gaspereau Valley Fibres

This is his favorite rooster in the whole wide world.
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Monday, September 28, 2009

Nature Girl's Rigid Cast is.... PURPLE!

Compare the faces betwen the day she broke it and today. Back to normal...but still broken!
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Weekend Adventure - Woods Walk

Wild Thing fell asleep in the car so I stayed with him while Papa Pan and Nature Girl went on a hike. They returned with goldenrod (to see what we did with the goldenrod head over to our homeschool blog (
and a log full of fungi...
They look like ears but I don't think they are wood ears because those are supposed to be jelly like and the white ones are very rare I expect these are just wee bracket fungi. Cute huh?
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gaggle gawking part II

They then turned up a driveway...
and headed round back the garage...
as it turns out this house is for sale! If we were to make an offer Darkmirror insists that we make them incclude the gaggle in the sale. He loves geese.
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Weekend Adventure - Gaggle Gawking

We were driving out towards Lumsden Dam when we spied this gaggle of geese strolling down the road.
They turned off onto a little side road...
so we followed!
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Weekend adventure - "Our" fishing hole

Nature Girl in the much maligned red cape
Autumn under glassy water
skipping stones
Wild Thing's "beautiful" little spider
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Monday, September 21, 2009

I Have been prepared for this for years

Nature Girl, my whirling dervish daredevil child broke her first and second bones today. Three times I told her not to climb the maple wearing a long cape, and three times after I went back inside she climbed back up with the cape still on.

"I was being an elf!" she maintains.

She didn't fall far - only 2-3 metres - but it was enough.

A broken wrist and elbow. She's in the stretchy temporary cast for a week til the swelling goes down. Then the ortho will put her in a regular rigid cast for eight weeks.

We contacted her dance school to see if she can transfer from Acrobatics to musical theatre for the year.

She was quite pitiful until the cast went on, and unfortunately I had to cut the sleeve on her chinese dress to get her out of it (repairs will be made). She's pretty tired in this picture, but she's already planning the doodles on her real cast!

The hospital staff was great. Her nurse said "I'd tell you not to climb that tree again, but I loved climbing trees when I was your age too! Her doctor was great, his daughter is in the same Acrobatics class, and he just built her a tree house 20 feet up in one of their trees.
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No more monkeys jumping on the bed!

Sprout has been getting quite a few goose eggs lately and no one was willing to tell me how they happened. I cropped this out of a photo. I wasn't even intending to catch him in the act, but some monkeys have obviously been teaching the littlest to jump on the bed!
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Not quite ready to give up summer...

The playroom is a pirate ship, beach, and mermaid's rock.
Nature Girl as mermaid.
Sprout cooking below deck.
Everyone busy.
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Michaelmas Asters, Right on time, just like every year!

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hey Pumpkin People!

Can I tell him what I want for halloween???

Awww, they're so CUUUUTE, can we make some for our front yard?


Ummm...I guess not Nature Girl! Darkmirror? Will you babysit when we go to the Pumpkin People Festival in Kentville?
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It's a little eerie how much my boys look like fancy chicken breeds

Wild Thing
Wild Chicken
Dark Chicken
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Darkmirror's photography

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