Thursday, April 29, 2010

How we'll be spending our summer

This is our new attic. It's huge. It's becoming the kid's domain.

We'll be insulating and replacing windows and putting in outlets and putting up beaded board and building in bedstees...
The third wing of the attic is an odd very steeply pitched space. But beyond the chimney is a room with a big window. It'll be their fort space.
This is our inspiration shot - our version will be lower (one tier of drawers not two) and more rustic looking (we're doing white stained beaded board walls not painted drywall. I have dreams we can get the floor in shape but realistically, it'll likely end up painted. Between the built in beds we'll be putting closets and Nature Girl will be getting a wall and doorway between her space and the boys. She hasn't really requested it but I think she'll need more privacy soon. They love the portholes but I convinced them that round mirrors will be nearly as cool, and offer more privacy and room for the little closet buffer spaces.

Wild Thing loves red and really wanted a red bedroom. A red attic...hmmmm...horror movies come to mind. When we do the fort space we'll paint the wall of it red. The doorway will be to the side because of the chimney, but you get the idea.

I'm so excited about designing and decorating our space as a FAMILY space, absolutely FULL of our personalities. I'm planning on a huge framed tackboard in the diningroom where I can have a rotating gallery of the kids art work up all the time.

I'm hoping that in addition to the attic renovation and the fence post putting in that we can get a lot of painting done while the kids are in Ottawa. At the very least the kitchen bathroom and diningroom - the rooms that get constant use in a 6 person household. Cause if I don't get to them when there are fewer people in the house I won't be able to!
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Here's our new house...

We have big plans for it!
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Returning to blogging from the land of the unbloggable

Obviously, I haven't been blogging.

I've always tried to blog about the joyous things in our lives, as a record of our lives, for my kids and far flung family. In the past year I've been wrestling with a lot of unbloggable dark stuff from my childhood and once I decided to confront it, blogging about the simple joys felt too much like a cover.

So I needed to step away.

I'm ready to move on and get back to blogging.

The big news is that we're moving! We've bought a farmhouse with a barn on a half acre with a further 2.5 acres we can use for grazing our livestock. We move end of June! I've set up a blog for it, and we'll move our blog at the same time.

The kids are all very excited, even Darkmirror who dislikes change - he gets a beautiful view of the Gaspereau Ridge and the winery's fields of grapes from his bedroom window.

In the meantime here are a few pictures from my last download from the camera

Wild Thing and Darkmirror cook dinner together once a week (or so...we're working on regularity!). They make "This is why you're fat" big manly bad for you meals - like these insane nachos.

wild Thing, Nature Girl and sprout have given up civilization at bedtime and are sleeping in a gypsy camp they've made in the basement. They're all itching to go camping again!

Wild Thing and his first sandy wet toes of the season. The day I took this he arrived at the beach in a down filled coat and winter boots. The water was about 3 degrees? He had an AWESOME time.

It's good to be back.