Saturday, January 31, 2009

Have you ever wondered why ....

When kids get a huge amount of outdoor exercise they can't go to sleep and are wild beasties when they get home?

Wild Thing is peeved that he's done his antibiotics (they tasted good) and is desperately trying to find a new rash...Nature Girl is screaming in joy at her newfound ability to spin her hula hoop. Sprout is a running screaming bundle of Darkmirror groupie. Darkmirror is running around grabbing little sibs.


Bedtime was 30 mibutes ago! Darkmirror is supposed to babysit tonight so we can go back for the big people part of the party!

Taking a break from cleaning to quickie post

Nature Girl is getting an EEG and a referral to a neurologist so we can rule out or catch petit mal seizures. I really hope it's JUST ADHD and daydreaming...but her doctor, psychologist, teachers, and our family have all seen her "go behind her eyes" and it needs to be ruled out.

So send good thoughts for her.

I asked the doctor if they'd been contacted about her report by interested parties and they haven't heard a word. It's been well over a month since they got the report and over a month since I gave permission for them to contact the psychologist. Not a sound. I don't think the interest is sincere. Which means we are definitely staying in Nova Scotia. Life does not move at the glacial pace they prefer. I'm really sad for Nature Girl.

In more hopeful news:

We have an offer on the house and more showings, which puts pressure on the people interested to go as high as they feel they can in their offers.

Back to polishing hardwood floors!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Crazy Week not yet finished...

I've been taking loads of pictures (like 400 at a time) of such fascinating things as Wild Thing playing with blue goo (cornstarch and water with a few drops of food colouring) and Sprout eating spaghetti and bananas and other foods looking ever so retro and Gerber Baby like - he is strangely stuck in the 1950's - he always looks retro no matter what he's wearing but food related pictures cinch the deal - cause of the 1950's high chair we have.

I started the week taking a picture of my washing machine though. I didn't know why. It isn't something I'm happy about in an "I'm 40 wheee!!!" way. It isn't interesting to look at. In fact I dislike my washing machine. It's a stacked washer dryer - old type with the drum that fills with water. I won't get one of the newer washers that use next to no water until I am past diapering - they do not get diapers clean unless you spend all day mollycoddling the load through extra rinses etc. But the only reason I have this washer is that my old washer died during the period that we were looking at privately buying a house in Canning. So occasionally I feel real chagrin looking at my washer!

This is more interesting than it sounds.


I promise.

When we were all visiting Nova Scotia - putting Darkmirror through the trauma of TRAVEL and STRANGE BATHROOMS and MEETING NEW PEOPLE EVERY DAY and VERY LITTLE COMPUTER TIME when we were deciding wether to move to Nova Scotia or not (he was our bellwether) we stayed with a friend of mine. One night during dinner her ex called and told us this guy she knew from Canning had a mom who wanted to sell her house and if we were interested, to call her. We were SWIMMING in real estate looking at way too many places and Papa Pan was visiting principals and it was just too much so we didn't call her.

A couple months later when Papa Pan was again in Nova Scotia going to job interviews he was wandering through Canning giving out cards in case anyone knew of any houses that were going to be coming up (we really love Canning) and he met the very son that the friend's ex had mentioned - he was visiting from Halifax. Papa Pan visited the house and stayed for dinner. He LOVED the house and I loved the pictures of the house and it was exactly what we wanted to be paying for a house. Then the washer died. The only washer dryer that would fit in the kitchen of the Canning House was a stackable. So we bought the washer specifically for the farm red kitchen with tin ceilings in Canning. Then our house didn't sell right away and the woman who owned the house decided she didn't want to move mid school year and our verbal agreement fell through. We ended up buying in Wolfville. This house is not us.

Well our offer on the farm expires on February first. Before we sign up for another 3 month conditional offer Papa Pan suggested we see if she was ready to sell yet.

I have to say the farm is my DREAM house. Papa Pan...not so much. I have been trying to be as open as possible to the things life throws in our path. Canning is my DREAM location (town full of artists within a quick bike ride of the ocean) so we called her up and she still wants to sell to us!

The house has that "happy families have been raised here" sparkly vibe about it. I loved it. Everything felt like home right away.

I got home to a call that the people interested in our house are seeking financing and a call to show the house to more people Saturday.

Maybe my washer will show me the way "home"?

Tomorrow we have a doctor's appointment in Halifax and I get to find out if Nature Girl's needs are being seriously considered or not. Have calls been made has there been any follow up? That also factors into our decision making process and deciding where "home" is going to be.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

I turned 40 yesterday!

Papa Pan got me a Nikon D40 SLR camera for my birthday and this week my project is a visual list of 40 things I love about my life.

We went to the Sheffield Mills Eaglefest (wild blueberry pancake breakfast and eagle watching) then over to friends from Quebec for pizza and chocolate fondue.

So my first pictures...


Darkmirror's long lost twin...

I always want to yell BRING OUT YOUR DEAD...Eagles nest here so we feed them on the outskirts of the chicken farms...with dead chickens.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Time marches on and deadlines approach....

People who looked at our house just came by for a SECOND showing....and Papa Pan has an interview for a DREAM job that would, among other fabulous things, mean a whole 10 minute commute from the little hobby farm we have an accepted offer in on.

Tick! tock! tick! tock!

Send good thoughts!

While they were going through the house we went for a drive to go see the farm. Smoke curling from the chimney, cold and clear - the view of the mountain is amazing. The neighbourhood horses all out in their blankets and frosty beards. Cold here today by Nova Scotia standards - minus 15. We met a man and his Siberians on the way back (from picking up scallops for dinner - 4.99 a lb for local ones!) and Mica (our Sibe) was overjoyed to have members of her clan to play with.

All the way back Nature Girl told me about the additions she'd like to make to the tree fort that is in the back yard.

I'm dreaming about this cool Nature Experience program that my friend C told me about that's running back in Chelsea for homeschoolers. It would be absolutely perfect for Nature Girl and Wild Thing to take part in. I think I need an introduction to the woman running it, maybe I can set something up like this.

Update: They want our house!!! There is the sticky issue of their needing to sell a piece of property in order to have the down payment. So send them good thoughts too.

Life here is very much up in the air with too many prospects and I've been praying for some sign of which direction we should go in. I've been willing to take signs from all sources (veiled, I'm sorry, this being the internet and all) without being my usual too trusting self and things have been a little too silent. So maybe it was too much to ask for. I think I should narrow my focus more intently and go back to praying for this farm, this specific dream.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My poor tragic children

Cut down by scarlett fever.

I swear our household is known as the plague house on the street.

Funny thing is - no one has a sore throat!

Nature Girl is taking a mental health day...


For those aware of her struggles with reading this is cause of celebration.

We'll have to bake a cake today.

In other educational news Wild Thing is now making a very nice hard C sound and with the help of his pirate hook in his mouth, a rather clear G.

We continue to work on the L and S sound and are visiting the osteopath this afternoon to see if there is anything she can do to help him with making these troublesome sounds.

Darkmirror is playing catch up with his sketchbook assignments and is drawing creepy anthromorphic things based on real life creepy things ... he really likes parasites that take over your brain and make you their puppet!

Sprout is following everyone around adoringly.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

For Auntie Zoom!

This is the very first think Zoom of ever knitted! For Darkmirror (who is now 15)

I'm still unabashedly impressed that she did something with this many colour changes in the pattern as her FIRST knitting project. Mine was a holey scarf.

Kim's birthday party...

musical potlucks are the best.

Sprout rocking the ukelele while listening to Kimberly Smith

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Now for something a wee bit more disturbing...

Hey its hard to compete with miraculous visions in food!
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It is a miracle!

A pirate skeleton crepe pancake!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Morning Prayer

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Dawn in the Diningroom

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Sprout has taken up the family obsession with hats...

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Tiger Lily and Hook Dancing

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The front hall closet is favorite place to play

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Lost in Neverland

We've been reading Peter Pan. Hook, Peter Pan and Tiger Lily (Nature Girl is NOT impressed with Wendy at all!) have taken up residence.
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Eagle Nest on the edge of town

It is about the size of a smart car.

The eagles are back!

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Things to do when it is minus 26 degrees outside...

Get around to finishing that tattoo you got to commemorate Nature Girl's birth.
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January Nature Table Theme: STARK

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My kids like sharing sleeping space

Especially if it is in a closet - at Oma's Christmas Eve.

However they do not like sharing their room first thing in the morning when a certain pirate wakes before dawn and wants all the lights on. We had a huge kafuffle about this this morning. There was too much yelling and there were some tears and idle threats about running away to join the circus. When things calmed down I did some thinking on the issue.

Right now the room they sleep in is "Wild Thing's Room" so he feels he should be able to play in there in the morning. Nature Girl's room has been relegated to her dressing room and a place to slam the door and exclaim 'YOU ALL HATE ME!!"

So I have a plan to do a sleeping room with bedstees in it.

This is a bedstee. Cool huh?

one of the houses we looked at had a bunkbed bedstee.

So I'm plotting a bunkbedstee and a single bedstee in a room for the three littles until they're sick of this shared room thing.

Darkmirror likes bedstees too but he needs more space than the others. I may need to build him a cave too.

The theatrical dressing room? It'll become the predawn playroom.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Inside Wild Thing's head...

I have to admit, I think my kids are endlessly fascinating people. I think all four year olds are. They can tell us what is going on up there in their heads, without it being spoiled by peer pressure.

Here's a snippet of Wild Thing's world. He told me this while hovering on the side of the tub while I took my bath.

I won't transcribe my comments because after several kids I know my answers are meaningless - I generally say - "I wonder about that too!" or "Tell me why!"

"I'm a little kid right? I'll be a big kid like Nature Girl when I grow big enough to have mine own skates. Then I'll be a big boy like Dark Mirror. He's a a big kid man now. Then I'll be a big man and I'll get to get my sword and hat back and mine own ship back"

Okay rewind "You will?" I asked

"Yes, why did you take me off the ship and make me into your baby? How come pirates get to come back and be babies again? It's because they're magic. Some pirates don't like being babies though and they cry a lot. Tell me about the night you stole me from mine pirate ship. Did I have a beard?"

I thought we might be moving out of the pirate phase; there are some mighty fine dinosaur drawings being done these days. Now I find out his entire spiritual belief in birth and enlightenment is tied up in returning to all his pirate glory.

Have I mentioned that my mom is very competitive?

She entered an ugly contest with one of her best friends and as usual was determined to win. She scoffed at rashes and steroid treatments that Tamarak told her about and went for the gold. An incredibly swollen eye infection.

I'm brushing off the dust on my photograhy course memories. This would be the best picture I took - technically - the whole trip!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

This is Sprout's best face...


It means "I was promised dessert"
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I don't post as many pictures of Darkmirror as I'd like to...

Teens avoid such embarrassments, but here he is Christmas Eve already deep into the pile of new books he got.

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Digging out from winter break...

I'll be back to regular blogging once we recover from our two weeks in western Quebec. Right now I'm nursing Sprout through croup, getting Nature Girl ready to start recorder lessons, preparing for Wild Thing to start speech therapy, and reining in the homework with Dark Mirror's end of semester home stretch.

I took 500 pictures over the break though and would LOVE to post a third of them but to cheer up my sister Zoom of who has lost her blog temporarily - a picture of Zoom, Duncan and Papa Pan on Christmas Day.

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