Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mudmama said "Let there be light"

And she painted the ceiling,
and it was good.
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Thanks to Krista  I was able to do a vintage style snapshot with Picnik!

Warm and toasty inside, real autumn weather outside. My roses are still putting out blooms though. I want to find a photo editor program that will let me do vintage style images, anyone know of anything?
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Monday, October 11, 2010

The upstairs landing - BEFORE

This is such a big space we've known it would be a library since we first saw the house.
Floor ceiling and Walls are painted steel grey. It's depressing despite all the light.
But we decided before we paint we need to deal with the creeping chaos that is all our books which are slowly crawwling from boxes and being littered about the floor. So we're making built in bookcases for this space.
Sprout insisted I take some pictures of him playing, so here's my favorite...twist my arm!
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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Corners of My Dollhouse

A special post by Nature Girl!

The hangars I made myself. I've also been sewing some clothes.
I like how the light shines on this and its more spectacular now, I've added more beads and made it into a triangle.
Begging for scraps while cooking rabbit stew.

Homemade flannel pillows I made, aren't they wonderful?

Nature Girl has been reading all the Borrower books and working on her dollhouse. She took my camera and documented it the other day. These are our favorite pictures. She described them for this post.
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Monday, October 4, 2010

I feel blessed today!

I entered a giveaway at Soulemama's blog for an Online retreat with Pema Chodron and I won!

This was my comment:   "The Places That Scare You and the work I did with it prepared me for reporting the sexual abuse I survived as a child. I'm waiting for it to go to trial right now, this couldn't happen at a better time!"

But I don't feel blessed because I won, I feel blessed with the compassion, generosity and good will extended by so many other Soulemama readers who said in their entry comments 'If I win, please give it to mudmama."

Thank you Amanda, Shambhala, Pema and all of the wonderful women and men who visit Soulemama!   


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sprout turned THREE!!!!!!

He got a big red barn (look it needs to be mucked out) from Papa Pan and me and some animals from the kids. We're on the look out for a realistic tractor still. When you're a dedicated recycler/thrifter spending 50.00 on a new toy tractor is ridiculous. All told these cost us 22.00.
It was COLD last night, thank goodness for groggliy finding the duvets and the warmth of a brother and a puppy!
That puppy sure loves his boys.
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The Bathroom Reno Stage One

Oh my, the camera is misbehaving, I can only unload a few pictures before I get a message that the USB device is unrecognizable, so if you can troubleshoot for me send me a message.  But here is what I was able to get - the pumpkin tub!  A tiny glimpse of the new floor (we replaced all the boards with rot) and it is painted a moss green.  The walls are a creamy earthy yellow.

To follow I'll post more pics of the fixtures and the little cupboard we put in here to hold a days worth of towels etc...still to do in the immediate future - put up the shower surround and sew a shower curtain.  Put up vintage hooks to hold towels and find a toilet paper caddy we like.
Until then, this is the view from the toilet.  Best morning view in the world, makes me want to get up and pee!