Friday, April 13, 2012

We've been busy Stormy

 Stormy, born Easter Sunday in a wild snow storm.
 With her mama Jersey
As you can see everyone is feeling very proud.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Little details that I adore


circular stairs 

doors at the top and bottom of stairwells
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And from the kitchen down the hall to my very favorite room...

Looking down the hall... 

past the front door

Into the very original 1800 keeping room.

The heart of the home, the hearth, to the left is a cupboard under the stairs, to the right is a bake oven and a storage place for wood, the little door above is the original salt box - it opens into the cold cellar - it would have been the driest spot in the house. 

Peeking into the hearth, original crane and some tools, the cauldron has gone "missing", there will be a dutch oven simmering stew here by September.  Mark my words, a meal in the hearth will be our housewarming.
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The cold cellar leads into the kitchen...


I'm not sure what to say the pictures speak for themselves.  The stove and fridge and sink were stolen.  This room needs lots of love.
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The cold cellar of my dreams!!!

The stone walls we'll be doing traditional whitewash on. 

Door outside and window. 

filled to the brim with junk, but not for long! 
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and outside for a moment...

Nature Girl adores the yard, a big backyard, with lovely trees and a path through the woods,

and a swing that goes out over a ravine! 

The boys adore the backyard fort and added some evergreens to it while we were there.

The house is so sensitive to it's location.  built into a hill the door on the right leads into the most beautiful cold cellar imaginable.  Its so dry you can't store antiques in it... next post
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and more from inside...

If the ship remains it will be sailing from the livingroom to the boy's bedroom with a brighter happier paint job.  If it leaves with the Puppetmistress we'll just have to make our own! 

I'm all about built ins.

Nature Girl's room will be sparse but cozy...after the gigantic puppets leave.  (Naming dear M the Puppetmistress is very very accurate).  They are ENORMOUS too! 

When not filled to the brim with puppets the room will be bright and airy, it has a built in cupboard too.

This is the backdoor from the livingroom to the beautiful post :-)
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