Wednesday, November 30, 2011

There's less than a week til St Nicholas Day!

I'm busy finishing up gifts, and getting stockings together.  As I was winding up all my little balls of wool and getting my rovings together for a making session I realized *next year* I will be using wool produced right here on the farm.  I'm so excited.  Everything is coming together so wonderfully.

My sister Zoom blogged about her namesake sheep so I thought I'd tell you all about Amos.  He was named after the sheep in Janet Lunn's wonderful picture book Amos's Sweater.  Janet Lunn will read it to you if you'd like..

Our Amos isn't old, and he isn't cold.  But someday he will be and when that day comes we'll give him a sweater too.  Amos and Zoom grew up on the same farm.  They were both born the same spring and both earned a name by being extraordinary.  Zoom survived and Amos was a quadruplet that none of the ewes would let suckle.  So he got to come in with Zoom and was hand raised.  They are sure they are brothers.
Amos is an Icelandic, and there don't seem to be many of them around here.  They have the most wonderful double fleece, the under fleece is soft as can be and the outer fleece will grow long and shaggy on top.  You can work with both together or seperate them for two totally different types of wool.  Amos loves getting rubs under his chin and the wool there is so warm and soft and it isn't greasy with lanolin so I'm getting a good idea of what it will feel like when cleaned and washed.

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