Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Facebook tried to kill my blog!

Well, that's an exaggeration, let me rephrase that. Facebook has enabled me to avoid putting time and energy into blog posts with it's tiny status update bar and immediate feedback from friends and family. I miss blogging, and some people just don't like lazy social media sites like facebook (I'm speaking to you Nicole!) so from now on I solemnly vow to dump the camera once a week and post at least that often.

While I've been MIA Darkmirror and Duckie did the monumental thing of moving to Truro so Duckie can attend the NSCC there. They seem to be living on rice, Braggs, and lemons. That's what I get calls about anyway. Darkmirror bequeathed his room to Nature Girl, this is the day we repainted it for her, it went from Kraft Dinner Yellow to Teal in a few hours. This was a really sad process for me, I miss him tons.

We're still renovating and decorating here, but most of our energy has been outside with the ducks and chickens and rabbits and goats (yes we now have goats, and hopefully, heifer willing, a calf come spring) so inside is full of half done stuff and lots of paint cans everywhere.

Sprout really did kill my laptop. I was computer-less all of October (Toshiba was very good and the warranty covered all his mischief as an "accident".
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R said...

I know exactly how you feel with the Facebook thing... it's just so easy, but then I don't feel I have anything to look back on later.

Unknown said...

Glad you're back.

Congrats to the young miss on her very own room!