Sunday, November 20, 2011

Duck Day!

We bought a whole flock of ducks! Papa pan collected them this morning.

They seem to like their new digs.

Nature Girl started naming everyone right away. I had to tell her "You can't name any ducklings with green feathers!" (they're going to be for eating).

We won't be eating this handsome fella though - This is our Muscovy Drake. His name is Peter Green.  We named him in honour of the wonderful Muscovy, Peter, who lives at Angelhoeve Farm.

The Runners decided a bath was their first order of business. Everyone arrived extremely muddy.

The Muscovys told me they want the pool filled as soon as possible.

Amber inspected and seems satisfied with our winter set up.  During the rest of the year they'll be free range but for the winter we want everyone protected from predators and the mountain valley wind tunnel we live in.
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