Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'm never sure wether to post here or the homeschool blog

Nature Girl has bee really into a book called Children Just Like Me that goes around the globe comparing children's lifestyles, toys, clothes, chores, etc. She and Wild Thing have been getting dressed up and converting the furniture into elephants and camels all day. They really dig India and North Africa.

They took a break and came downstairs for a bit of "Arts and Crafts Toymaking". They took a whole basket of smooth rocks and drew characters on them. Then had me help out with the goopy paint pen filling in negative space. They look awesome. Seriously awesome. Pics will follow. These are "almost free" toys - you do need permanent markers and Sharpie paint pens. Wild Thing was in tears when they reached the bottom of the basket. Oh dear, twist my arm, I guess we'll have to go to a beach and find some more!

Now on the FREE TOY side, the back deck is covered in drying corn husks. There will be doll making, oh yes!

Other random facts from today: Nature Girl tells me sloths only go to the bathroom once a week. They move so infrequently that when they get to the ground to go to the bathroom they have to drag themselves around by their front claws.

We might be going camping at Kejimkujik National Park Monday - Wednesday. It is the Not Back To School Camping Trip for the province. And it is a Mi'kmaq Historical Site (Petroglyphs!) We'll be deciding at the last minute - tomorrow.

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