Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I might frame this picture!

Darkmirror is a hard sell on any outdoor chores...unless they can be done during rain or snow, or under cover of darkness. He hates the sun, hates flying insects, has allergies, and well, happily admits he can be lazy.

He loves shovelling snow though. I knew he'd like grass cutting if I had a way around all the other things. Then our mower was stolen and we were borrowing a neighbours machine and it was a nasty old man of a machine.

This is our new mower. It was 60.00. it looks like a TONKA Toy.

He's out there madly giggling and mowing up a storm.


Anonymous said...

Like father, like son.

red fraggle said...

Go Tyren!

pointform said...

The boy is on his grind! Gas power is the way to go - for some reason I was terrified of mowing the electrical cord and shocking myself when I was his age.

Chabad Chammer said...

That mower is truly a thing of beauty!