Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Handmade Holidays Recap #1 - Lyra's winter gear

Nature Girl loves the Golden Compass and wanted to be able to dress up like Lyra when she plays.

I made her the hat and mitts.
Found the coat at the thrift store Frenchy's. The boots are mine but she fits them so I gave them to her.
I wasn't able to find her a polar bear so she's off to hunt herself up one.
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Pattaya Girls said...

Presume we are talking about the Golden Compass movie ?

Mud Mama said...

Yes, the costume from the movie. She's read the entire Pullman Dark Materials trilogy,

I love strong girl characters like Lyra. We've gone through several phases of book related imaginative play - Pippi Longstockings, witches from the Harry Potter and Magyk books. It's all so much better than Disney princesses!

deb said...

Is Arrow as tall now as she appears in these pictures...she just looks like a tall willowy young lady now.

Mud Mama said...

Yup and she hasn't even hit the big growth spurt yet. I'm expecting she'll be about 5'7 - 5'8 in the end. Her feet are as long as mine already.

red fraggle said...

Beautiful! I saw a Lyra bonnet pattern online yesterday in grown up size, but I think I have too much hair for it!