Sunday, November 7, 2010

Help a friend out?

My friend Meagan is in the running for a real life paid blogging job for Sam-e.  They want an optimistic blogger for the position and she's in the running.  She would be perfect for this.  She is a professional writer, got her start writing about health and wellness and parenting.  You can visit her blog and check her out at The Happiest Mom, which is also the title of her latest book - because mom and happy can be used together :-)

Clearly she's an optimist!

Could you please vote for her?  HERE:  MEAGAN NEEDS A JOB!  You can vote every day and you don't need to register or anything annoying like that.  If you'll help promote her so she can go onto the juried part of the contest she'll enter you in a draw for a cookbook and an immersion blender.  You can read about the giveaway on her blog.


red fraggle said...

I've been voting for her since Carolyn put the note on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

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Meagan @ The Happiest MOm said...

thank you for the help Mud!