Friday, November 12, 2010

Christmas Gifts - Shhhhh!!!!!

I found Nature Girl a sheepskin coat like Lyras from the Golden Compass at the thrift store today, and she now fits into my hippie winter boots that are a bit too narrow for me.  Two years ago I made her a hat like Lyra's but in crazy rainbow colours.  Unfortunately it was lost on a school trip.  So for Christmas I'm going to knit her up another Lyra's Hat and a pair of mitts.  

Wild Thing and Sprout are both getting reversible tunics so they can play knights and kings, and handmade swords.  OH scratch the tunics I found a super simple pattern for chainmail for them!

I'm a bit stumped on what to make for Darkmirror....maybe I should look for a Cuthulu to knit up?  I found Nauti' patterns (nautilii)  PERFECT, one of his first obsessions!


Duckie said...

No knits for Duckie? This makes Duckie sad because Duckie loves knitted things. ;-;

Mud Mama said...

Ah but Duckie I'm taking you OUT on a date for Christmas - Dec 20th, evening, at Mama cat's house :-) I already reserved tickets.