Saturday, September 18, 2010

My favorite room in the house

Amidst all the clutter and chaos and DIRT that is a house undergoing renovations inside and out there is one room I can go into and feel that all is right with our house and home.  My pantry.
I still have things to do in here, a new ceiling, a new floor, a new light fixture, butcherblock countertops - touch ups and tweaking.  But as far as function goes, it all works and works well.  I absolutely love this room.

My favorite things about it remain the same things that caught my attention and my heart when we first met the house.  That lower counter under the window that catches the morning light and the spot that is worn down on it from 4 generations of Gertridge's kneading their bread dough.  But now, that's my morning ritual. 
Things I saw as cosmetic "problems" have proven to be very smart inexpensive tricks to make this a comfortable house.  The pipes that carry hot water up to the bathroom's radiator heat this room.  I only keep my day to day pantry needs in here, I have a cold cellar pantry in the basement for storage.  But this room is so warm it is perfect for bread rising and yogurt and sauerkraut fermenting.

I admit I jealously guard this space.  I've set it up so the kids have no reason to enter far inside.  This is their morning station.  I placed it right by the door!


Bonny said...

Love love LOVE it!

deb said...

What is the colour called and who makes it?

Mud Mama said...

It's called "farmhouse red" by behr. I colour matched a tomato and that's what came up! Funny huh?

gc said...

A great space... a Mud Mama Time Out Space! Love the details... the counter, the metal trim with fastener studs spaced 3 inches apart; the black drawer fixtures; the carpet that has red to match the farmhouse red cabinetry. Good job!

R said...

Your pantry is beautiful! I love these farmhouse pictures.