Thursday, October 1, 2009

We need some good thoughts!

Last year about this time we found an awesome country house that we could totally afford and fit our family really well.

Our house didn't sell and the offer expired and then the original house wanted to buy in Nova Scotia was available and we put an offer on that.

Then then she got an unconditional offer and we were HEARTBROKEN for 3 days. That deal fell through but the bloom was off the rose and the owner was suddenly unwilling to show us the inspection report. So we've been looking everywhere, all the while our kids have been getting more entrenched in this community and we'd like to be able to afford to stay right here.

We found the perfect house, again! Three kilometres from our current house.

So once again, our house NEEDS to sell, before they get an unconditional offer.

Send all good thoughts you can spare!


krista said...

right now, right this very moment...every single good thought i have are yours.

Oma said...

Mine too, Love.

Anonymous said...

Good thoughts coming your way from a total stranger, but one that totally gets where you're coming from!

Anonymous said...

Fingers, toes, and all other available appendages crossed for you. It looks fantastic!

MamaVee said...

I've been lurking...and loving...your blog for quite some time now. Thanks for sharing your life! My prayers are lifted for you for a speedy and prosperous sale.

Chabad Chammer said...

What a lovely house. I am so envious, particularly of the porch. I am not ready to give up the comfort of our Victoria climate yet. I am so hoping that you guys are able to get this place.