Sunday, October 4, 2009

Help me design a working kitchen out of this one!

I'm posting here for my design friends to help us figure out an affordable kitchen renovation in here.
We love the wood cookstove but it requires a fair deal of clearance around it. It heats the place too so it isn't going anywhere!
Isn't it pretty? Nature Girl loves it!
Those window sills are too low for counters - a kid friendly countertop sure, but not counters for grown ups not even 5'1" me! There's a radiator coming out perpendicular to the stove right beside it. Beyond that off to the left of the picture is the mud room, water closet, and laundry space.
The pantry is a saving grace as far as storage goes.

What I don't have pictures of (my battery died) is the wall with the pantry door on it - double sink - 2 ft of counter beside it.

The wall from where the picture looking out the windows was taken - ALL doors.

The room is 14x15 ft.
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Anonymous said...

How about a kitchen island with drawers underneath and maybe hanging pots and pans on something you can lower (I know how much it sucks to be short) when you need a pot?

The Thorn Tree said...

How about built in window seats under the window, and a large table that fills the area up, rather than chairs..maximize the space and eat beside the lovely window.

The Thorn Tree said...

I meant to say, and move the fridge somewhere else, knock out that top cupboard and put up open shelves, and run the built in seating all around that L shape, under both windows. I assume you can read my thoughts, you see....

Oma said...

Good idea, Thorn Tree ... would the fridge fit into the pantry?

Mud Mama said...

No, the fridge can't go in the pantry, the only place to put it would be in front of the window and I'd lose some of the only cupboards I have then...and there's no outlets in there.

Having two stoves in the room is a PITA and a dream at the same time - winter heating and cooking at the same time!

What about this idea from another friend - put a shelf under the window where that round table is and cover it in biggish house plants and in front of that place a sideboard so there is counter space/under cupboards by the electric stove. That way it isn't an issue that we're putting a piece of furniture in front of the window because what you'll see from outside is the plants (south facing window btw)

Our fridge will not fit well in the space the fridge is (bigger, french doors will hit radiator) so I'm thinking of ripping out that upper cupboard and putting the fridge in the corner on an angle.

I want to get/make a farm table style island with a shelf below

I looked at island sinks and stoves but $$$$ both in new appliances and labour - plumber and electrician.
We need to buy a dishwasher and replace the sink already.

The diningroom is HUGE and has a built in china cupboard so I'm okay with losing the "eat in" designation.

Mud Mama said...

Oh and I MISS our old potrack so that is definitely on the list of things to work out (thinking of an old apple ladder over the island)

K E said...

I'm no design expert and it took me the better part of three years to figure out the design flaw in our tiny kitchen...the stove MUST be near the sink. We moved our stove last winter (gas, so we had to have someone come in and move the line) and it was the best $200 we ever spent. Seriously.

I have one tiny little corner of counter space that I use constantly for food prep. The rest of my counter space (another 5 feet) is used mostly for piling things (I'm not proud of it - we're Pilers and I spend more time than I should deconstructing piles).

The only thing I would like (but the kitchen is too small) is some sort of island or at least a place where the kids could sit and colour/craft/eat while I'm cooking/doing dishes.

So that's my tip stove=near sink :)

Oma said...

Have you seen my workspace in the diningroom? Plants on low shelving units under the windows and the shelving units acts as storage for art supplies. My table is easily pulled out from in front when I am painting. You could adapt that idea for your kitchen by putting bookcases under the windows and using the shelves for storage and the tops for plants ... and maybe have just a small table in there for the kids to eat and do art.

Anonymous said...
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