Monday, March 2, 2009

Coping with Bad Weather and the 9 Year Change

The day was grey and a mix of freezing rain, rain and ice pellets. I saw two cars pass by all day. Nothing was going to brighten things up for this bickering pair.

After a lot of screeching and fighting that was starting to escalate to tears and really hurtful words I dug down deep and asked myself "What does Nature Girl need right now?" "Responsibility" came back the answer.

So from now on every Monday Nature Girl will be making dinner. She did an AMAZING job!
She canvassed her arch nemesis (of the day) Wild Thing about what we should have. He was in a cowboy frame of mind so they decided on a cowboy cookout theme. She made an EXCELLENT chili (Papa Pan volunteered to brown the meat and I volunteered to cut the onions and wrestle with our can opener for the cans of tomatoes and beans) but she did the rest herself. Then she made tortillas...32 tortillas with Wild Thing's help.

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There was PEACE in the house from the time they set to work in the kitchen until bedtime!

Oh and cause we sing this every night, here's our evening meal blessing...

Before the flour the mill,
Before the mill the grain,
Before the grain the sun and rain,
The beauty of God's will.


Oma said...

Wonderful! I wish I had been there. BTW I think rolling tortillas may be one of the times that NG goes in behind those eyes ... or is that just a smile for the camera? One of the photos looks as if she is not quite there whereas the other looks like she's all there.

Mud Mama said...

I'm really not sure (I still haven't heard back about the EEG so I ASSUME it was normal). I'll post the sequence of photos.

red fraggle said...

Did they say that they would not contact you if the results were normal? I find it so frustrating when thats the case.

Mud Mama said...

They said if there was something pressing we'd hear back within 10 days. Otherwise they'd send the results to her doctor (who we have an appt. with in April)

dottyspots said...

Wonderful! We really should make tortillas here (my children love them). I think I might try and find a gf recipe (as I'm trying to be strict with myself again).

Mud Mama said...

The recipe couldn't be easier - 4 parts flour to 1 part cornmeal, a teaspoon of salt for a big batch like this (4 cups flour 1 cup cornmeal). Add warm water until you have a cohesive dough and knead in more flour until it isn't sticky!