Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Wardrobe Project

It all started when I was doing a lot of decluttering throughout December.  I wanted to make it easier for the kids to take responsibility for their things.  I culled their wardrobes down to their absolute favorites.  Its always easy with the kids, their preferences are so clear and I know exactly what is always in the wash and what never gets worn despite *my* affection for it.  So if they never wanted to wear it, out it went.  I even got around to mending favorites so they could be passed down as the cherished items they'd become.

As usual my own clothes are an afterthought.

I don't often buy anything new and because I shop thrift stores I often find things I like for a particular reason, fabric OR cut, not often both and I have grand intentions of making them my own.  It means I have a closet quite full of clothes I like but don't wear.  It made it really hard to do the same cull I did with the boys clothes. For example I have a really warm cardigan with pockets and big buttons and a ribbed collar - love the shape and function, but it is the brightest pink you can imagine, I  *really* don't like pink! It is literally the only thing I own that is pink so I have a limitted number of things I can wear with it.

With the help of Pinterest  I set about defining visually what shapes and colours I actually really like, and look good in..  What is practical for me given my life on the farm as mother, farmer, artist, woman.   I'm having a lot of fun with it, and with a clearer vision of what I'd like my "uniform" to be I know what I'd like to make for myself.  My next step is looking at what I have and making a definite plan for the alternations I need to do so they fit within that uniform.  There will be a whole lot of hemming in the near future!

I plan on building a basic wardrobe of  about 12 pieces that work together in numerous combinations, plus two reversible hardworking crossed back tunic aprons and a couple of sweaters that I truly love.  I'm starting with the clothes I have and doing repairs, making alterations, maybe I'll do some dying too!  Then I'll move on to the new items.

It's a really fun project and Nature Girl is expressing a bit of an interest too.


zoom said...

Maybe I'll do that too. I have a closet full of things I never wear because they don't fit or they don't fit right or they need to be mended or I have nothing that goes with them or I just don't feel like ME in them. I'd love to just have clothes I love in my closet!

deb said...

I am in the same boat...hems are down and I haven't got around to fixing them in two years. Items that I bought but have never worn...I started purging when we moved but did another purge last week. I still need to do more though...I have a hard time letting go.

Mud Mama said...

I think this would be an awesome group blog! Seriously, we all have such different styles and needs regarding a wardrobe and budgets I think others would be really into reading how we all do with this! What do you think? What would we call it? I think of sisters sharing clothes and/or fighting over them a la the Brady Bunch :-) "MARSHA MARSHA and MARSHA A sisters' fashion blog" :-)

dvanwyck said...

ok...I started it off

zoom said...


Kestrel said...

Oh gosh, I'm so pleased I found your blog! I'm also in the middle of sorting out what I wear and why. You've certainly given me food for thought. Looking forward to reading through your blog posts.