Monday, July 11, 2011

Heartbreak Heartache

Our sweet boring bombproof husky Mica is a cold blooded killer of fowl.  We need to re-home her.  We are all so sad.  Lots of tears for our lost hens and our brave and valiant rooster Angel.  Lots of tears for Mica, who we love so much..  If it were a fox stealing a meal I'd be less upset.  But Mica kills just for the sport of it and she is actively seeking out the opportunity to go on a killing spree.

Not a very happy day to return to blogging.


deb said...

Oh Kerry, so sorry. Did she get all of them?

Mud Mama said...

She killed two more yesterday our rooster and a golden laced wyandotte pullet. Which brings her up to 6 chickens in 3 weeks. She also went after the rabbits, but they all escaped into the outdoor hutch in time. One of my ducks is limping slightly so I know she chased them too, they were just too fast.

We have all our dog people looking for a home for her.

We only have 4 laying hens left, but a large group of pullets who'll start by the end of summer.