Friday, April 29, 2011

The Day the Ducklings Made Their Great Escape

Our ducklings have more than doubled in size since we got them last Friday. I heard a furious peeping this morning and thought the cat or one of the dogs was after them and ran down to find they had jumped out of the giant bench sized rubbermaid bin we were using as a brooder box, and had crossed the sunporch and come inside. The dogs were cowering, getting harrassed by the four of them. I called my farmboys and we captured them and went to put them back in the box.

Well I found out why they came to find me. Their furious peeping was saying "MAMA!!!! We have emptied our waterer into our bin to make a lake of water, food and feces. We have tired of it. Come! Give us fresh bedding and MORE water BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

They had clearly outgrown the bin and we do not have their outside duckhouse ready yet. I got out Little Bear's big labrador retriever dog crate and set it up with a raised plastic bin lid as an island. Hopefully they can keep this one from becoming a swamp in an hour.
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zoom said...

They're adorable! Baby birds grow super fast - it almost defies belief. They're going to be bigger than you by this time next week.