Wednesday, August 18, 2010

From where I sit..

The paint on the bathroom floor needs a few days drying time before we can continue with it. Last night I stood by the barn under a ladder. A hose attached to the kitchen sink brought warm water to a much needed shower. I watched the evening's bonfire dying down as I washed four colours of paint from my hair.

So now I'm looking at a lull. I think its time to do the simplest project in the house - painting the diningroom.

These pictures are deceptive, the walls are actually a pale mint green, but my camera managed some trick of capturing the green I imagine on the walls. Magic!
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XUP said...

Have you ever been happier in your entire life? Because incredible joy and contentment come through with every post and every update on FB.

Mud Mama said...

No! I feel like I'm FINALLY home. Like everything I want to do with my life is just waiting for me here. I've spent a lot of time in the past 6 years (and earlier too) looking at my life almost in the third person "When Mudmama finally gets her plot of land she'll be able to do this and this and this".

Its like I can relax and see the years unfolding before me and I have the incredible luxury of not worrying and wondering about when I can start, so I have time to observe and know that what I'm tinkering away at isn't a pipedream.

I feel grounded and organic and in my body fully, instead of hiding up in my head. I've spent too much of my life *working* to find that grounded body feeling and now it's there all the time.

Its so profound it's physical. I saw my osteopath this week and she barely touched me and every joint in my body kercracked back into place. It sounded just like popcorn popping. She actually jumped and said "WOAH!"