Tuesday, July 21, 2009

There was a little boy...

who had a little curl, right in the middle of his forehead
and when he was good he was very very good
but when he was bad, he was HORRID!
sigh...I've been trying to get a good picture of Sprout's curls, but he was not cooperating.

Nature Girl loves this nursery rhyme and acts it out quite well :-)
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Anonymous said...

Oh my goddess,

love the elogquence of your blog.

I'm posting here 'cause comments were closed on you July 7th posting, which I found by doing a search under the terms Bahai Goddess, LOL.

I could so relate to this:
"My basic belief has always been that God is not an understandable force. God just Is, there is only one God, but that God has many faces because we humans spend our lives looking for a face to help us STRIVE towards spiritual understanding and enlightenment. I needed a female face to relate to so I was very involved with Goddess centred faith."

I declared 2 years ago, as a Bahai, and then immediately requested to withdraw my declaration for a myrid of silly reasons. The primary ones being wanting to see that "female face" if tnot historically at least as a vocal memebr of the UHJ, and that brown face accoutned for in the lineage of past prophetes/ teachers/spiritual leaders; yet standing firm that in no uncertain terms will I deify a person.

I loved how as a seeker all the " major" faiths were frequently quoted but once I became an adherent it seemed the quotes centered around the major players of the faith.

Reading you blog give me another face to see, one that mirrors the crunchy witty goddess in me that want to be a BAHAI, to be the change and be free to evolve in my spiritual reality as often and as frwequenly as I desired.

I'll follow your blog and even back track and read you older post and see where it takes me.

THANKS for your transperancy.

PS. Your little one is absolutely adorable.


Anonymous said...

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