Monday, April 13, 2009

A familiar bit of musing...


I feel like I'm drowning in STUFF and managing the STUFF is time consuming, time I'd rather spend MAKING OTHER STUFF.

Oh yeah, it's STUFF too, lets not mince around it, one only needs so many sweaters, hats, dolls etc..

So I gotta start SELLING STUFF ... but it's difficult for my kids to watch me lovingly craft a doll and then have it leave the house! Every new toy I make is met with CAN YOU MAKE ME ONE TOO?

So today I went on a STUFF management campaign, and today it was about examining what STUFF my kids actually play with.


bean bags, small graspable balls, and a big beach ball

toy kitchen stuff - wooden eggs, pots and pans that make loud clanging sounds when you stir!


A small basket of branch blocks, a small basket of coloured unit blocks, a small basket of "minis" - plastic and cloth and wooden little pirates, knights, and for some reason - a marching band leader.

Paper, crayons (the red yellow and blue crayons actually, he's in a huge red phase now) craft scissors, red yellow and blue paint, a glue stick, playdough, plastercine, real clay, stuff to stick in the clay - glass gems, sticks and stones and weeds.

Plastic dinosaurs

The dress ups

A few favorite books to read and reread a million times ...most involve pirates and dinosaurs, together of course.

His boy doll (who needs a new outfit that befits travel - he lives in a sleeper still, and still reflects Wild Thing at 2 - with very little hair)


The dress ups

The branch blocks and a few miniature furniture items - little baskets, little bits of cloth and woven fabric, little branch table and chairs. dollhouse dolls

Stuffed animal families (cats, dogs)

Bookmaking stuff, pencil crayons - especially the silver and gold ones!, pencils, ERASERS, scissors, tape, glue sticks, watercolour paints, small paintbrushes. felt, scissors, stapler (must get her sewing)

BOOKS - all sorts!

Outdoor stuff, ribbonwands, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, skipping ropes, ROPE

She always WANTS dolls but she does not play with them. I'm not sure how to deal with this.


modelmaking supplies

the computer for reading, comics and games

library card for portable books


His room would be SPOTLESS if he didn't eat in there!

My next step is to decide what I can get rid of without anyone noticing. I packed away our train stuff without anyone noticing even though it was always ALL OVER THE FLOOR before.

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